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We help you accelerate your business growth and maximise your Salesforce investment 

Leverage Business Expertise
+ CRM + Data + AI to reach Sales, Marketing and Service Excellence

+61% Revenue Growth

+50% New Business Growth

Marketing Excellence

Sales Excellence

Customer Success Excellence

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Marketing Excellence

  • What steps can be taken to boost MQLs generation and enhance our contribution to a high-quality pipeline, leading to increased revenue?

  • How should we leverage our data to design and and optimise our marketing strategies and processes ?

  • How can we leverage automation and AI to enhance productivity and improve the customer experience?

  • How can we prioritize marketing efforts and maximize ROI by leveraging marketing and sales data?

Sales Excellence

  • How can we increase revenue, close rate, and reduce the sales cycle?

  • How should we leverage our data to design and optimise our Go-To-Market strategy and allocate resources more efficiently?

  • How do top growth companies design and implement high-performing processes and methodologies?

  • How can we improve forecast accuracy and prioritize prospecting and pipeline execution efforts?

  • How can we leverage  automation and AI to optimize sales productivity and enhance the customer experience ?

Customer Success Excellence

  • How can increase our customer satisfaction and retention rate?

  • How can we increase our employee satisfaction and retention rate?

  • What strategies should we implement to maximize customer lifecycle value and contribute to revenue generation through upsell?

  • How can we optimize service agent productivity and enhance the customer experience through automation and AI?

About us

In today's competitive landscape, many organizations face challenges in optimizing their Marketing, Sales and Customer Success organisations and leveraging the full potential of CRM, data insights, and AI to accelerate their growth and scale.


LiftUp Solutions bridges this gap by providing Business Excellence expertise and Salesforce usage optimisation consulting. We enable companies to capitalize on a proven growth framework perfected at top growth companies such as Salesforce itself and unlock the full potential of the #1 CRM platform to lead the way and reach their goals.


LiftUp Solutions will help you achieving your growth objectives through four tangible levers :

  • Optimal CRM usage & Operations efficiency audits  to maximize your Salesforce licence value (and thus the CRM ROI)

  • Strategic Dashboards creation to leverage your data and make impactful decisions quicker

  • Strategy and Operations expert consulting 

  • Outsourced Sales Ops and Marketing Ops expertise to assisting your teams 

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